The Arthouse for live music
and theatre in the beautiful
Litchfield Hills

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Merryall will reopen April of 2022!
We will be announcing our new Season soon.

Until then, stay tuned and stay safe.

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During this intermission, look back over Merryall's history

70 years

Program Covers Over the Years
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1980s program covers_Page_07
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1980s program covers_Page_09
1980s program covers_Page_11
1980s program covers_Page_12
1960s program covers_Page_02
1960s program covers_Page_03
1960s program covers_Page_04
1960s program covers_Page_07
1960s program covers_Page_05
1960s program covers_Page_06
1960s program covers_Page_08
1960s program covers_Page_09
1960s program covers_Page_10
1960s program covers_Page_01
1960s program covers_Page_11

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5 mins from New Milford

20 mins from Kent

25 mins from Litchfield

90 mins from NYC